100 year old wood in new skylights

VELUX Group, together with A. van Liempd Demolition Companies, developed new dance stalls, the wood of which was extracted from demolished Rotterdam homes from 1910 in the Rotterdam district of Spangen. Housing corporation Woonbedrijf from Eindhoven is the first to make use of this. They provide more than 90 of their social housing units with these¬† new skylights, certified by FSC as recycled. It is the first time that skylights made of used wood, which are certified as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 100 percent recycled, are produced. With this development, VELUX says it is responding to the government’s ‘circular economy’ programme.¬† The aim of this programme is to achieve a circular economy by 2050.

The wood has been carefully removed from old buildings, after which it is sawn and prepared for the production process of a VELUX skylight. The delivered wood is labelled with the wood origin and provided with the FSC Reclaimed certificate (post-consumer reclaimed material). According to the parties involved, the advantage of reusing this wood is that the lifespan and storage of CO2 in the wood is extended by 30 to 40 years.

According to VELUX, the wood meets the highest quality requirements. According to the manufacturer, there is no difference in the properties, quality or durability of this tumble window, made of recycled wood, compared to a standard VELUX tumble window. The only difference is that with the mined wood, 30 percent of new raw materials in production can be saved.

This and more in Innovative Materials number 5 2018