The largest 3D printed concrete construction in the UK

BAM Construct Ltd, part of the BAM group, is completing a 3D printed staircase at the Sighthill Bridge over the M8 in Glasgow. It is believed to be largest printed concrete construction in the UK to date. The new pedestrian and cycle bridge connects Glasgow city center with the Sighthill, a district to the north of the city.

BAM installed the new 3D-printed structure this week on behalf of the City of Glasgow. Once fully installed the new steps will be clad in granite, creating attractive, long-lasting, slip-free finish.

Using 3D printing of the bridge components, it was possible to create precise and intricate shapes, which would be difficult with traditional formwork. According to BAM, this method also used 40 percent less materials compared to traditional methods, which kept costs low while the CO2 footprint is a lot better.

The steps were printed by Weber Bemix in the Netherlands before being shipped to Scotland. BAM previously made the longest 3D-concrete-printed bridge in the world with Weber Bemix in Nijmegen in 2019. The company says it is now the first contractor in Scotland to use 3D concrete printing as a construction method.

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