Advancing wind turbine blade reliability through innovative monitoring and digital twin technology

April 11, 2024 – A Dutch collaboration comprising TNO, Shell, TU Delft, Suzlon, Tarucca and Fibersail has started the ReliaBlade2-NL project supported by the GROW-programma. The project aims to significantly enhance the reliability of wind turbine blades by monitoring their structural health throughout their lifespan. To achieve this, existing digital twin concepts will be adapted to predict the remaining blade lifetime and support operation and maintenance.
ReliaBlade2-NL aims to combine all aspects in an integrated framework supporting predictive maintenance decisions. The digital twin framework, combining structural health monitoring, modelling, and probabilistic analysis, will reduce the risk of blade failure, allowing for timely inspections and preventive repairs before catastrophic failure occurs. Key results include failure and fatigue lifetime prediction models, validation test results, operational turbine field validation data, and a structural digital twin for probabilistic lifetime prediction.

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