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Innovative Materials is an interactive, digital journal about new and/or innovatively applied materials in civil engineering, construction, industry, architecture and design. The materials sector has been ‘compartmentalised’ on the basis of material types, which means that a lot of knowledge and opportunities are not being exploited. Innovative Materials wants to change that. 

Innovative Materials is a digital journal, which logically gives the opportunity ­to add more information than is usual in a conventional ­paper journal. 
Links refer to articles with a relevant website, underlying information, reports, video material and/or previously published articles.

Innovative Materials appears in digital form six times a year. Subscribers receive a browseable version plus a downloadable PDF edition. Both versions are interactive, and contain hyperlinks, references to articles and publications and videos.

The journal is distributed to the subscribers/network, but also through the partners’ networks. The number of partners is growing every year, partly due to the English edition.

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Publisher SJP Uitgevers
Innovative Materials

Kalkhaven 53
4201 BA Gorinchem
Postbus 861
4200 AW Gorinchem
tel. 0183 66 08 08