Apartment of circular stones

Architects of Urban Echoes designed a striking apartment in Amsterdam, making full use of building blocks made from ceramic waste. Both the architect and the client strongly believed in the use of sustainable materials. Together with the R&D department of StoneCycling, they selected a special pattern of ten different ‘flavors’ from so-called WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling.

WasteBasedBricks are bricks made from discarded bricks, or from sinks, old tiles or old ceramic frames and even from glass. The idea behind StoneCycling’s products was prompted by the question of what to do with construction waste. The method that StoneCycling uses to make bricks of ‘circular design’ starts with the selection of a number of waste streams. This can be a material that still needs to be ground, but it can also be already existing granulates, for example from the dust filters of the brick industry. Once such a selection has been made, the mix goes to the lab where the final recipes of the various components are made and tested. Testing of the prototypes is done by a trial and error procedure in combination with chemical analyses to bake a test stone.

Most bricks are designed on a project basis. Relatively small, unique series, which are developed in collaboration with the architect involved. In the case of the Amsterdam apartment, some colours were even still being researched in the StoneCycling laboratory, but eventually a colourful and flamboyant fa├žade was created. Vink Bouw signed for the construction.

De gevel is een mengeling van de Wasabi Raw & Sliced , Nougat Raw & Sliced , Truffel Raw & Sliced , Caramel Raw & Sliced en Mushroom Raw & Sliced.

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