Biomason and stonecycling launch BioBasedTiles

StoneCycling (Amsterdam) and the Biomason (USA) have announced a collaborative product to drive Europe’s construction industry closer to a planet-friendly model by marketing a joint product: BioBasedTiles. These are biologically manufactured, prefab tiles with an extremely low CO2 footprint.
The partnership focuses on increasing European sales of Biomason’s prefabricated tile products, in addition to StoneCycling’s upcycled and circular products,
StoneCycling, headquartered in Amsterdam, specializes in developing new, high-quality (ceramic) building materials made from construction, demolition and industrial waste.
Biomason is the only company in the world that uses biological processes to produce rock-like material. Since 2012, the company has been using microorganisms that create a sustainable, structural biocement at room temperature.
Portland cement (OPC) production is responsible for more than eight percent of global CO2 emissions – that’s four times more than the aviation industry. Concrete, of which cement is the main ingredient, is the second most consumed material in the world after water. Biomason makes cement in a fundamentally different way, eliminating emissions.

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