Building the Netherlands on the hunt for innovations

Building the Nederland, the association of construction and infrastructure companies, asks providers and users of innovations in construction to report. The association pays extra attention to innovations in the sector until the end of the year. The linchpin of the campaign is an innovation platform with a construction innovation shop, in which construction and infrastructure companies and innovations come together. The specially appointed Innovation Scouts of Bouwend Nederland are therefore looking for innovative applications, processes and materials that (can) be used in the construction and infrastructure sector. This mainly concerns innovations from the construction and infrastructure sector that are focused on social challenges such as climate, energy, earthquakes and circularity require innovative solutions.

Building the Nederland says it wants to create space for its members for smarter products and ways of working. The association does this through the multi-year Innovation programme, as co-initiator of the Building Agenda and partner in the Building and Technology Innovation Centre (BTIC). so there will be a campaign and even a webshop. Startups, scale-ups and providers of innovative products and processes can share a pitch via the construction innovation shop and thus get a picture of construction and infrastructure companies, attract investors, bring knowledge in-house or start a pilot.

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