PlasticRoad at Schiphol

PlasticRoad at Schiphol Schiphol airport has a world first [...]

PlasticRoad at Schiphol2022-10-31T11:51:38+01:00

Capturing CO2 with waste plastic

Capturing CO2 with waste plastic According to Rice University [...]

Capturing CO2 with waste plastic2022-04-14T11:36:58+02:00

Popcorn replaces Polystyrene

Popcorn replaces Polystyrene Researchers from the University of Göttingen [...]

Popcorn replaces Polystyrene2022-02-17T11:57:12+01:00

Plastic scanner

Plastic scanner From groundwater pollution to the spread of [...]

Plastic scanner2022-02-17T15:09:43+01:00


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