Dutch Design Week 2021

Every year in October the Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. Northern Europe’s largest design event presented the work of designers between 16 and 24 October, spread over more than a hundred locations in the city. Dutch Design Week (DDW) called this year with the theme The Greater Number to take a critical look at our way of producing and consuming.
The largest design festival in Northern Europe showed how much designers are trying to find the right balance, towards less or towards more but better. And again this year attention is paid to material innovations, 3D-printed materials and objects, biomaterials and above all a lot of circularity.

‘Experience your circular living environment of the future’ with this message, Biobased Creations presented The Exploded View Beyond Building. It involves a house that consists entirely of biobased materials, and is built with circular construction methods. A large number of potential building materials were presented that are available on a large scale, but are not yet or hardly used in the construction world. For example, materials from foodstuffs, seaweed, (sewage) water, soil, mushroom mycelium or more.

Photo: Exterior facade of the Biobased Building with Nabasco 8010 biocomposite tiles made by NPSP. The tiles are made from reed grass clippings, cellulose fibers from recycled toilet paper that is recovered from sewage sludge at water treatment plants (Recell), softening lime, a by-product from the drinking water process, and a partial bio resin made from residual materials from biodiesel production. Natural dyes from blue-green algae and indigo are added in different proportions, resulting in different colour shades.

(Much more about the DDW 2021 in Innovative Materials 2021, volume 6)