E-Board: renovating and insulating all-in-one

Vandersandengroup turned the spotlight on E-Board, a façade insulation system developed by the company, during the GEVEL trade fair, 23 and 24 January in Rotterdam Ahoy. It consists of two main elements: an insulating plate and stone strips. According to Vandersanden , the aesthetic possibilities are endless and the designer is given optimal freedom. In addition to achieving a maximum EPC (energy performance coefficient), E-Board gives a lot of interior space and it is possible to maintain the appearance of a building or to give a new look to renovation and transformation projects.

Installing E-Board starts with the application of molded insulation boards of EPS-HR on which alignment ridges are applied, intended for the alignment and improved adhesion of the stone strips. EPS-HR consists of 94 percent air, held in a closed cell structure. It is an insulator with a very low lambda value: λ = 0.031 W/mK. The insulation boards are strong, dimensionally stable and 100 percent recyclable.

Within the pattern of the EPSHR plate, the stone strips are  applied, whereby a choice can be made from an extensive oeuvre of stone styles and colors.

According to the manufacturer, the moulded insulation boards are 100 percent waterproof and that also applies to the E-Board system as a whole. The bonding between the plates with PU glue (polyurethane) results in one closed insulation shell.

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