First wooden windmill in Sweden

Since the end of April, the first wooden windmill in Sweden has stood at Björkö in Sweden, ten kilometres west of Gothenburg. The windmill is 30 meters high and was built by the development company Modvion from Gothenburg.  Modvion specializes in developing complex designs for large laminated wood structures. Such wood structures are interesting because, according to the company, they are as strong as steel and are therefore a good alternative to emission-intensive materials such as steel and concrete. Carbon dioxide absorbed by trees is stored in the wooden windmills, making the wind turbines climate neutral from the start. According to Modvion, wind turbines can be built cheaper from wood than from steel, which logically also reduces the cost of wind energy.

The 30 meter high windmill was built together with Moelven in the wood factory in Töreboda.

The Swedish wind energy technology centre in Chalmers is the client of the wooden windmill at Björkö.

The new wind turbine at Björkö will be used for research purposes. But already in 2022, the first wooden windmills will be built on a commercial scale.

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