Façade of grass, toilet paper and flax

NPSP, together with students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, HZ University  of Applied Sciences and Eindhoven University of Technology, has made façade panels based on circular residual materials. The result is a high-quality and durable façade panel, which is strong, dimensionally stable and has a long service life. At the end of its service life, the material can be ground up and used again as a basic raw material in the same process. And so the biocomposite material Nabasco 8010 was developed with the starting point of using materials with low CO2 emissions, which are produced locally.

Nabasco 8010 consists of fiber and a bio-resin. The fibres come from mown roadside grass, recycled toilet paper (Recell), recycled textiles, waste cane and flax. Furthermore, the material contains calcium carbonate, residual material from the softening process of drinking water and a biobased resin, based on residual materials from biodiesel production.

The production was carried out by the students themselves. Based on fiber, the calcium carbonate and resin, a dough is made that is then pressed into a warm mold for a few minutes.