First circular viaduct in The Netherlands dismanteled

The test period of the first concrete circular viaduct in the Netherlands has been completed. This was reported by the initiators of the circular viaduct – Van Hattum and Blankevoort, prefab builder Consolis Spanbeton and Rijkswaterstaat – on 30 September. The concrete elements of the viaduct have been dismantled undamaged and can therefore be completely reused. According to the parties involved, this is an important step in the realization of circular viaducts. The viaduct will be remounted at a different location. Rijkswaterstaat is still in talks about the redevelopment.

In September, the viaduct was taken apart on location into five beams. Each beam consists of eight concrete elements that interlock like a kind of LEGO blocks. The beams were transported to Consolis Spanbeton for temporary storage. Here, one beam was then disassembled again to the eight original circular building elements for research.

Measuring sensors have been placed at the bottom of the bridge deck during installation that can register movements of up to 0.1 mm. The construction partners will analyse this measurement data, together with the findings of the dismantling. The insights are bundled in an integral advice. This advice will be made public on 15 November during a symposium of the Open Learning Environment Circular Viaducts and Bridges.