First fully circular viaduct to be built at camps

Rijkswaterstaat, contractor Van Hattum and Blankevoort and prefab builder Consolis Spanbeton will jointly build the first circular viaduct in the Netherlands at the end of 2018.

They do this near Kampen, where the viaduct will be tested by work traffic during the construction of the Reeves lock.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, it is an experiment and the knowledge generated by the project is shared with other parties, within what is called an ‘open learning environment’.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, the viaduct is circular, because the concrete elements, which make up the viaduct, can be used completely and undamaged again at another location. For example, there is no waste, no new raw materials are needed and used raw materials are reused in the highest quality way. This is the first concrete viaduct in the Netherlands to be built in this way.

With the first circular viaduct in the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat says it will contribute in an innovative way to the sustainable ambitions of both Rijkswaterstaat itself and the Netherlands. Namely: 49 percent less CO2 emissions (compared to 1990) and circular working in 2030.

The viaduct is being built as part of the Room for the River IJsseldelta project near Kampen.

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