First PlasticRoad cycle path to be built in Zwolle

The first pilot of PlasticRoad, the road based on recycled plastic, will be held in the municipality of Zwolle. A few months later, the second cycle path follows elsewhere in the province of Overijssel. The PlasticRoad concept  was launched in 2015 by market leader in the road construction company KWS (a Royal VolkerWessels company). In 2016, KWS entered into a partnership with Wavin and Total for the further development of the PlasticRoad.  The cycle paths will be about 30 metres long.

The PlasticRoad concept consists of a prefab, modular and hollow road construction made of (recycled) plastic. Due to the prefab production, the light weight and the modular structure of the PlasticRoad , the construction and maintenance can be carried out faster, easier and more efficiently compared to traditional road constructions.

The PlasticRoad has a hollow space that can be used as (temporary) water storage and thus prevents flooding in the event of extreme precipitation. In addition, the hollow space can be used for the passage of cables and pipes, so that excavation damage can be prevented. And there are many other applications imaginable, such as the simple installation of sensors or the electric charging of vehicles.

The PlasticRoad is a fully circular product in which recycled plastic is used as a raw material. The PlasticRoad has a significantly lower CO2 footprint, partly thanks to its longer service life and the decrease in transport movements compared to traditional road constructions.

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