Fraunhofer WKI reports on further development of a non-combustible construction foam and insulation shells for the construction industry

(Photography: TU Fraunhofer WKI/ Manuela Lingnau)

January 25, 2024 – Researchers at the Fraunhofer WKI, in collaboration with the company IGP Chemie GmbH, have further developed a non-combustible filling and installation foam in such a way that it complies with construction-material class A1 and possesses low thermal conductivity. As a result, the installation of fire-resistant doors and windows and the sealing of openings in fire-resistant walls is simplified. In addition, the Fraunhofer WKI, in collaboration with project partner GWK Kuhlmann GmbH, has utilized the new foam in the production of prototypes for prefabricated insulation shells for fittings and valves – an innovation for fire protection in construction that will be further developed for industrial applications in a follow-up project.

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