Large-scale 3D printing: ENLARG3D

Poly Products (Werkendam) introduces ENLARG3D as a new brand name to bring all activities related to 3D printing to the market. 3D printing as a design technology with plastic materials offers such great opportunities for current social and market questions that they must be communicated clearly and clearly.
The first large format printer from Poly Products was put into use in the fall of 2019. This printer delivers products where at least one of the product dimensions is greater than 0.5 meters. ENLARG3D comes into its own with products with product dimensions of several meters. The processed materials are mainly PETG, recycled PETG or PP filled with a ‘short fiber’ for more strength and less shrinkage. Designers who want to print unique pieces, small series in large format in plastic have come to the right place at ENLARG3D.
According to the company, almost all shapes are possible to realise by assembling 3D printed parts. Maximum dimensions do not actually exist.
In the next period, the activities of ENLARG3D will be further expanded through investments in infrastructure, hardware and software and entering into strategic partnerships, all aimed at large format plastic printed products.

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