Master’s student from TU Delft wins the Netherlands’ James Dyson Award 2022

Integrated Product Design (IPD) master’s exchange student Konstantin Wolf took home the Netherlands’ James Dyson Award 2022 with his invention BREATHE. Konstantin, who was on exchange from Muthesius University Kiel in Germany, spent six months at the TU Delft, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). During which, he was able to bring his award-winning project to the prototype phase.
BREATHE is an in-window air refreshment device that takes up very little space and is made of simple materials. The structure provides an indoor and outdoor entrance and exit that are placed at the base and head of the product. Slats, mounted between them, can be tilted to different degrees and are enclosed laterally in a thin glass chamber heated by solar rays. Warm air rises and creates an airflow that purposefully controls air exchange between the outside and inside. When the slats are under tension, the tensile effect increases, providing better ventilation in summer. In winter, the slats can be loosened again, giving them the freedom to move in the wind. This slows the airflow considerably, allowing the incoming air to be pre-heated by the stored solar energy.

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