Mobile Kaumera installation

On June 8, the first mobile Kaumera Extraction Installation (KEI) was officially opened. The new mobile installation now makes it possible to conduct international trials on the extraction of Kaumera under local conditions.
Since the launch of Kaumera in 2019, there has been considerable international interest in Kaumera. There are now two production sites, in Zutphen and in Epe, the Netherlands.

The mobile installation consists of four containers and two tanks. It is therefore easy to transport. Working with the mobile KEI gives interested parties valuable information about the reliability of the technology and the quality of the locally produced Kaumera. One can tailor the extraction entirely to local conditions such as sludge composition and environmental factors. By analyzing the results, one gets a solid basis for scaling up to an own Kaumera plant.

The mobile KEI was developed as part of the WATER-MINING project. This is an EU-funded multidisciplinary research project focused on innovative, circular solutions for water management. It is led by Delft University of Technology. WATER-MINING operates pilot sites in Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands, together with international partners within government, industry and science. Through these activities it develops innovative business models for, among other things, recovery of raw materials from industrial and domestic wastewater.

Project partners for all Kaumera-related activities in the WATER-MINING project are TU Delft, ACCIONA, Águas do Algarve, Lenntech, RHDHV and Wetsus.

Mobile kaumera unit (Photo: Kaumera)

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