Mycelium ‘Styrofoam’ first in Innovation Top 100 (Heerewaarden, The Netherlands) developed a sustainable alternative to polystyrene foam and it takes first place in the 16th Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100. The company grows polystyrene like material from the roots of mushrooms, mycelium, on a substrate of agricultural waste. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce publishes this ranking every year, consisting of 100 concrete innovations in Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises. The winner can call itself the most innovative SME in the country for a year.’s ‘styrofoam’ is based on mycelium which the company blends with prepared agricultural waste. Molds are filled with that mixture, in which the mycelium and the agricultural fibers grow together. After five days, the material is set and can be dried and treated. The result is a sturdy shape that is shock-absorbent, lightweight, water-resistant and fire-resistant.

According to, the properties of the mycelium products make them very suitable as packaging material. First of all, the products have a high impact resistance and are able to protect your products well.

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