NOAH: First circular car is made of sugar

At the beginning of July, Noah, the world’s first fully circular car, was unveiled in the Cosun Innovation Center in Dinteloord. The two-person car, whose chassis is largely made of sugar and the bodywork of flax and bio-resin, was developed by a team of 22 students from Eindhoven University of Technology.

The unveiling of Noah was also the starting signal for a tour of various European cities. The TU/ecomotive teamĀ  wants to introduce the general public to the car made of fully recyclable material. The ultimate goal of the students is to contribute to a reduced climate tax with the circular car. Suiker Unie is a sponsor of Noah and wants to stimulate new applications with sugar with its contribution.

Special about Noah is the use of a bioplastic that can be made from sugar. The chassis and interior are made of particularly strong sandwich panels, made of this bioplastic and flax fibre. The bodywork is made of flax mats that have been injected with a biobased resin. These biological and particularly light materials require up to six times less energy in production than the usual lightweight materials in the automotive industry, such as aluminium or carbon.

NOAH, foto:


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