Research project on 3D concrete printing wins second prize RAAK award

The Konkreter research project, which investigated the possibilities of 3D concrete printing, won the second prize of the so-called RAAK Awards. The prize is awarded each year by Regieorgaan SIA (part of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO) the best practice-oriented research from universities of applied sciences.
The Konkreter has investigated a broader application of 3D concrete printing. Many SME companies wonder whether this technique is interesting for their company. Together with his team, project leader Ivo Vrooyink has developed a selection method that generates and selects applications for 3D concrete printing. By going through this methodology, entrepreneurs find out to what extent there are 3D concrete printing applications for them and whether it creates opportunities for their companies.
The jury was pleasantly surprised by the breadth and complexity of the research.

3D printed dam(Photo: Saxion, Konkreter)

Source: Saxion (Dutch)>