Sustainable biobased composite from local residual materials

Biocomposite Nabasco 8010 is a biobased and circular biocomposite based on softening greenhouse from drinking water and reeds from the Netherlands and a biobased resin based on residual materials from the biofuel industry from France. This makes the product not only biobased and recyclable, but largely made from local and regional residual flows. The result is a beautiful, high-quality and durable product. It is strong, dimensionally stable, lightweight and has a long service life.

Due to the use of local, biobased residual materials, the biocomposite volhems NPSP has a very low CO2 footprint. If the residual materials are treated in the traditional way, greenhouse gases are released into the environment by rotting and processing, whereby the useful materials such as fibres are broken down. In the new chain, the natural fibres are used in a product. As a result, the greenhouse gases in the product are captured (a CO2 sink). At the end of its service life, the residual material can be reused.

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