‘The chitosan packaging industry is only just beginning’

Chitosan, a derivative of chitin, is one of the most interesting biomaterials on the market today. While some biomaterials require additional land to be cultivated, chitin does not need to be cultivated at all because it is abundant in nature. Moreover, it is often available in waste streams. Seafood waste, for example, is a particularly high-yielding, sustainable source of chitin: crustaceans and fish scales are full of it. Chitosan has long been seen as a chemical niche, with a wide range of applications ranging from lubricant and wound healing agents to an additive in slimming products. But that is changing. There is now worldwide interest in the use of chitosan in textile fibers and as packaging material, as an alternative to petrochemical products. Worldbiomarketinsights.com recently published an article on the development of the chitosan-based packaging industry.

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