The role of building ceramics in a circular economy

On behalf of the Dutch building ceramics industry association KNB, Circle Economy investigated the current and future role of ceramic building materials in a circular economy. The research report was presented at the Bouwbeurs Utrecht during the Week of the Circular Economy.
Bricks and ceramic play a fundamental role in the built environment due to their functional, aesthetic, environmental and cultural-historical values. The environmental performance of these products appears to be particularly well, and reuse is common practice. Because of this versatility and sustainability, Circle Economy can hardly imagine a circular future without ceramic building products.
To make the Dutch economy fully circular by 2050, the building ceramics industry still has to take a few major steps. Circle Economy is thinking, for example, of further innovations in emission-free production techniques, new product formulas and other revenue models and partnerships.
The building ceramics industry is already taking steps in this direction by switching to sustainable alternatives to natural gas in the production process, broadening the range of detachable products, closing material cycles and developing new business models.
Circle Economy advises the sector to develop a clear and coherent vision of the role of building ceramics in a circular construction economy. Building blocks for this can be found in the report ‘The role of ceramics in the circular economy’.

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