TU Delft focuses on battery of the future

11 May 2023 – A major challenge in the energy transition is the efficient and flexible storage and transportation of renewable energy. Batteries will play an important role in this. However, much research and innovation are still required. To encourage this, Delft has launced e4BatteryDelft: a brand-new platform that will focus on electrochemical storage of renewable energy – with respect for the world around us, in a way that is affordable and totally European.
With around a thousand energy researchers, TU Delft is one of Europe’s largest research institutes in this field. Consequently, many researchers have been working (closely) with start-ups and field labs on battery-related innovations. Some of the researchers working on batteries will be meeting on Thursday 11 May 2023 at the launch of e4BatteryDelft. They will be sharing their expertise in fields such as mining, design, engineering, construction, implementation, and recycling to develop a future-proof sustainable battery that can be produced in Europe.

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