VTT pilot scales up production of sustainable cellulose

March 29, 2023 – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland announces that they have invested €1.5 million into their CelluloseFilms pilot facility, which is ready to scale up the production methods of renewable cellulose alternatives. The new material is designed to replace the plastic film used in most modern food packaging. The investment will allow the plant to begin its operations of testing and developing processes that enable the mass production of these films for the packaging industry.
The pilot’s focus is on improving the barrier properties, manufacturing packages from the materials, and the commercial utilisation of the material solutions in emerging value chains. It is estimated that the packaging material could be in extensive industrial use in five years.

VTT is already working with over 30 Finnish and international companies that are interested in the next generation of sustainable film solutions.

VTT first announced that it had developed a sustainable alternative for plastic film in June 2022.

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