Studio Mixtura started a new collaboration with StoneCycling this year to develop a new range of glazes from waste and apply them to the company’s already existing WasteBasedBricks. This resulted in a new collection of fully circular glazed bricks – WasteBasedGlazedBricks – that can be used in facades and interior walls, either as full bricks or as produced brick slips. They were presented at the Dutch Design Week, from 16 to 24 October 2021 in Eindhoven.

StoneCycling makes stones from waste. The company started in 2013 with the idea of reusing building materials, especially ceramics and glass. This led to a circular product – WasteBasedBricks.
The activities of StoneCycling and Studio Mixtura have now led to a new product: WasteBasedGlazedBricks. The glazes were developed in collaboration with ABO Global, a company that specializes in valorising by-products. Waste streams were used, in particular from the metal and glass industry, which can usually be reused to a very limited extent and from which millions of tons are released every year. Ultimately, this led to six glaze colours – brown, yellow, blue, white, green and aubergine brown – which are applied to StoneCycling’s existing WasteBasedBricks and WasteBasedSlips.