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Sustainability is now an inseparable part of maintaining and restoring monuments. That is why sustainability has been included in all kinds of ERM implementation guidelines. The site puts that information together clearly and adds extra information.

The website contains several search options. For example, the Sustainability Advice tab leads to three levels at which research into promising sustainability measures in monuments is possible. The levels are part of URL 2001 and here highlighted and provided with a handy scheme. Level 1: Exploratory research of all promising measures, level 2: In-depth research of all promising measures and level 3: Targeted research of specific promising measures.

The diagram brings the visitor to the desired information. The choice of a certain level of advice is determined, among other things, by the phase in which the sustainability process is located, the size of the building, the degree of complexity, the technical and financial consequences, any preliminary research that has already been carried out and, of course, the available budget.

Other components include insulation and identifying opportunities for sustainability. In the short term, all kinds of topics will be added to the site. For example, the characteristics of all kinds of insulation materials. In the first place, of course, all kinds of data that are important for energy performance, but also issues such as fire safety and environmental impact. Furthermore, in an additional part the insulation of windows is discussed, including all kinds of characteristics of glass and foils.

A separate section is envisaged about drawing ‘building nodes’, the points where the points where different building materials come together and are traditionally most sensitive to thermal bridges, condensation and material rot.

For architects, consultants, inspectors, contractors and municipal supervisors, the ERM Foundation (Recognized Restoration Quality of Monument Care) has created a special website about the technical and implementation aspects of making monuments more sustainable.

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